Guest Speaker: Jeremy Scott – Round the World Cyclist

November 14, 2017 | Category =
Jeremy Scott speaking event

The Long Road from a Broken Heart

Jeremy Scott, world cyclist and author of “The Long Road from a Broken Heart” will talk about his amazing journey from life saving open heart surgery as a child to an incredible 51,916 km cycling adventure from Britain to New Zealand.

After the talk, join Jeremy for a Question & Answer session and a Book Signing.

About Jeremy:

As a four year old child in 1977, Jeremy Scott lay in an Auckland hospital bed awaiting life-saving open heart surgery. His cardiologist was the renowned Sir Brian Barratt-Boyes and the procedure turned out to be a huge success. Thirty four years after this surgery, Jeremy was healthy and happy but knew in his heart that he needed a challenge. That challenge came in the shape of a 51,916km bicycle ride from Britain to New Zealand.

Cycling solo, without sponsorship or the benefit of a support crew, Jeremy pedalled through 29 countries on his ride from London to Auckland.

Two years and seven months after his departure from London, his epic challenge came to an emotional conclusion in his hometown of Auckland. This journey highlights what anyone can achieve with a little self-belief and the courage to chase a dream.

At the conclusion of the journey, Jeremy wrote his first book ‘The Long Road From a Broken Heart’.

Guest Speaker: Andrew Liddawi from Break the Boundary

November 11, 2017 | Category =
Break the Boundary Talk

Andrew Liddawi founder of Break the Boundary will be speaking about his team’s 5th consecutive Cape to Cape Mountain Bike Handcycling.

Break the Boundary comprises of adventure enthusiasts who volunteer their time to help spread the message of adaptive mountain biking around Australia. Team members take different roles to help people with a physical disability accomplish and break different boundaries, such as the annual Cape to Cape MTB race in Western Australia. Constantly being at the forefront of Australian history, the team continues to expand, diversify and help each other were possible and accomplish more brazen feats each year!

Break the Boundary Founder, Andrew says: “I set out on a mission early 2011 to rediscover mountain biking on a handcycle after a bad MTB accident in 2008 which left me completely paralyzed from the waist down. After several events and many rides around Australia, I get a drive from bringing new riders into the slowly developing sport of Off Road Handcycling during my spare time while advocating for more inclusion around WA and other states in Australia.”

Come along to this free community talk to hear more about Andrew’s inspirational journey and the organisation that he has founded.

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