Flourishing Outdoor Recreation Industry

Turning Good Ideas into Extraordinary Experiences


The Great Southern is home to a flourishing outdoor recreation sector


Turning Good Ideas into Extraordinary Experiences is a 12-week Mentoring Program that delivers workshops and training sessions to assist new and aspiring regional tourism business owners to take their tourism product and turn it into a memorable tourism experience (e.g. an awe-inspiring, positive, word-of-mouth, holiday-of-a-lifetime experience). It aims to:

  • Increase visitation and yield
  • Improve business sustainability
  • Create a vibrant business community


The mentoring and workshop program was delivered between August-November 2018, with the support of funding received from the Foundation for Rural and Regional Renewal (FRRR) and ANZ Seeds Fund. Eleven mentees from across the region participated in the project. Contact us to find out about participating in the 2019 program.


Project Leader

Dr Lenore Lyons