Flourishing Outdoor Recreation Industry

Tourism Experience Accelerator Program


The Great Southern is home to a flourishing tourism sector


The aim of the Tourism Experience Accelerator Program is to establish and deliver a destination-wide innovation incubator and accelerator that will enhance skills, talent and entrepreneurship capability and capacity across the tourism sector in the Lower Great Southern Region (Albany, Denmark, Plantagenet, and Jerramungup).

The program will:

  • support new and established businesses in product and service development, trade market-readiness, and business diversification and expansion;
  • develop the skills and expertise of tourism operators to enhance business productivity;
  • encourage and support business collaboration; and
  • act as an incubator for high quality, visitor-focused experiences.


A successful application for a Regional New Industries Fund (RNIF) grant will allow the project to roll out from July 2019 to December 2020. Project partners include:

  • Lower Great Southern Economic Alliance
  • Amazing¬† South Coast Tourism Incorporated
  • Australia’s South West
  • Distinctly Tourism Management

Project Leader

Ms Wendy Triplett