Flourishing Outdoor Recreation Industry

Great Southern Outdoor Recreation Strategy


The Great Southern will be an inspirational example of the sustainable development of outdoor recreation.


The purpose of the Great Southern Outdoor Recreation Strategy is to revolutionize the provision of outdoor recreation opportunities in the Great Southern. It provides an integrated, whole-of-region approach to planning, developing, managing and promoting outdoor recreation in the Great Southern. It aims to:

  • Establish strong partnerships that will guide infrastructure development and management.
  • Build and manage world-class trails and facilities.
  • Promote the Great Southern as an adventure tourism destination.
  • Build capacity and capability amongst outdoor recreation providers.
  • Ensure all people have more opportunities to participate in outdoor recreation.


The Great Southern Outdoor Recreation Strategy was received and adopted by all local governments in the region in early 2019. Actions and initiatives towards achieving the strategy are monitored by the Great Southern Recreation Advisory Group (GSRAG) which meets every two months.

Project Leader

Dr Lenore Lyons