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Great Southern Learning Adventures


The Great Southern is a destination of choice for school camps and school excursions


The goal of the Great Southern Learning Adventures project is to promote the Great Southern as a destination for school camps and school excursions. Rich in heritage and culture, and home to an amazing diversity of outdoor education experiences, the Great Southern is an ideal destination for educational tourism.

This project is an initiative of the GSCORE-led School Camp & Excursion Marketing Alliance (SCEMA) which is a network of businesses, community groups, and government organisations that provide products and services to schools and youth groups.


The Great Southern Learning Adventures website was launched in December 2018. It provides a comprehensive overview of educational programs, products and services available in the Great Southern, as well as curriculum links and resources.

We welcome new members to join SCEMA (it’s free!) and advertise on the website.

Project Leader

Dr Lenore Lyons