GSCORE caught up in nationwide Facebook ban


Caption: Organisations across Australia have been affected by the ban, imposed by Facebook in response to proposed laws that would force tech companies to pay for news content.

Facebook has placed a nationwide ban preventing Australians from sharing or viewing global news content, affecting many users (including GSCORE, other not-for-profits, clubs and organisations) across all industries. Some pages now show no content other than their basic listing details.

Here’s a link to the ABC news article featured in the picture above. Here are a few tips to help your club or organisation manage the situation.

  • Check your Facebook page to see if your business is affected. You may not be able to see the problem if you log in as an administrator, so consider using a personal account to check your business profile.
  • If you are affected, consider other ways to provide important information to your customers. For example, update your website, phone messages and other social media platforms with a message explaining the problem and offering other ways to get in touch.
  • It appears the About section for your business may still be visible on Facebook, even if your business is affected. Make sure your contact details are listed clearly.