COVID-19: What it means for the outdoor and tourism industries


Updated: 2 June 2020

Western Australia will enter Phase Three of the COVID Recovery Road Map as of 6 June 2020.

This phase will allow an increase in the number of people at non-work gatherings and additional businesses will be permitted to reopen, all of which is great news for the outdoor tourism sector. In this post we outline what these changes mean for tourism.

Key Points:

  • Phase Three starts 6 June 2020
  • The four square metre rule will be revised to two square metres per person
  • Physical distancing, good hygiene and the two square metre rule will apply to all activities permitted in Phase Three
What are the latest restrictions?

Based on health advice, from 2 June 2020, indoor and outdoor non-work gatherings of up to 100 people are now allowed.

Most Western Australians have returned to work, unless they are unwell or vulnerable.

Travel will be permitted throughout Western Australia, including into the Kimberley region, pending the Commonwealth’s approval to remove the Biosecurity Area on June 5. Access into remote Aboriginal communities will remain prohibited.

Businesses are required to submit a COVID Safety Plan prior to reopening, to ensure they mitigate the risk of COVID-19, in line with health advice.

What does this mean for tourism?

Tourism operators will now have much more flexibility in their services, with less space mandated between guests and a much higher limit of the total number of people allowed to gather.

Non-work indoor and outdoor gatherings of up to 100 people per single undivided space, up to 300 people in total per venue over multiple spaces (100/300 rule) are now allowed.

This means that the following activities and venues can now open with some restrictions.

  • gyms, health clubs, indoor sports centres will be able to offer the normal range of activities, including use of all gym equipment (gyms must be staffed at all times and undertake regular cleaning)
  • contact sport and training
  • playgrounds, skate parks and outdoor gym equipment are permitted to be used
  • galleries, museums, theatres, auditoriums, cinemas and concert venues can reopen. During any performance, patrons must be seated. (100/300 rule)
  • wildlife and amusement parks can reopen (100/300 rule)
  • arcades (including pool/snooker, ten pin bowling) and indoor play centres (100/300 rule)

There are still restrictions in place that businesses must comply with:

  • 100-person rule (100 patrons – does not include staff)
  • One metre apart (two square metres) rule  applies at all times when not in a motor vehicle
  • Anyone who is unwell (staff, visitors, suppliers) must stay home if unwell


What does this mean for tour and activity operators?

Tours and activities can proceed as long as the restrictions are adhered to. That  means:

  • Adhere to the one metre apart rule (two square metres per person) at indoor and outdoor locations (except while travelling in a motor vehicle)
  • Anyone who is unwell must stay home
  • If you are planning to begin operating your business – submit a COVID Safety Plan


What does this mean for community facilities?
  • Facilities may increase capacity to 100 patrons in each room, up to 300 per venue
  • The one metre apart/two square metres per person rule applies
What does this mean for food and beverage providers?
  • Food businesses and licensed premises may operate but only with seated service
  • Alcohol may be served without a meal at licensed premises (patrons must be seated)
  • Food courts can reopen with a seated service


Where can I find out more information?

The WA Government has prepared a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) website. You should refer to this site for more information.