COVID-19: Self-care and Remaining Positive


Today our update covers self-care, business reflection/evaluation and communication.

Self-Care is vital if you are to maintain physical and mental health over the next coming months. We know that we are operating in uncertain and difficult times. We are constantly having to deal with more people out of work, businesses having to shut their doors and uncertain if they will come out the other side of this crisis. However, it is important that we look for ways of meeting these challenges that will allow everyone to come out the other side of this crisis in one piece and ready for a new normal.

During this time of ever-increasing fear and social distancing we can try and change some of the language to help with mental health and self-care. Just because we must practice physical distancing to keep healthy and reduce the impact of the COVID-19 crisis, doesn’t stop us from finding novel and innovative ways to maintain our social interaction.

In taking care of ourselves we will be able to ensure we can support each other in this ever-changing environment. Many sections of the business community are struggling and it will take time to recover. We encourage you to do more of the small things that make a difference to your personal physical and mental health.

Here are some tips to help with self-isolation and social distancing:
  1. Move more – Get out in your garden, go for a walk or bike ride. Fresh air and sunshine will help build up your immune system. If you have to self-isolate, exercise at home indoors. You don’t need a home gym to exercise. Youtube has every form of exercise that can be done in front of your TV!
  2. Be in the moment – Meditate, do breathing exercises or do something creative that allows you to feel joy. Youtube has some fantastic channels, find a podcast or a Spotify playlist that helps you be in the moment.
  3. Tidy and organise – do things that you have been putting off because you just haven’t had the time. Make to do lists of things you can control.
  4. Stay connected – Check in on family and friends, use platforms like Skype, Zoom, Messenger and What’s App to do the face to face contact. Phone calls and emails are good but seeing the person who you are talking to is more important.
  5. Find novel ways to connect – make a time to watch the same show at the same time with a group of friends and message each other like Goggle Box: be alone together.
  6. Share highlights – find one highlight in your day and share with family and friends – you could have a theme each day.
  7. Avoid bad habits – try to minimise media consumption and numbing practices such as excessive alcohol consumption.

Stay Healthy, Remain Positive, and Get Outdoors – Safely.