COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Response


Our Response to COVID-19

We are a small team working across a range of program areas that involve direct contact with stakeholder organisations and members of the public. In response to COVID-19 all our staff are now working from home. You can still contact us Monday-Friday 9am-5pm on the following number: 9892 0113 or info[at]gscore.com.au.

All staff are able to access their emails, and all messages left on their office extensions are being transferred to their remote office. Please leave a voice message and they will return your call.

Our actions to date with regard to COVID-19 are to:

  • Keep staff informed about the virus
  • Cancel face to face meetings – we will now contact you via telephone or videoconferencing
  • Cancel or postpone public events
  • Adopt appropriate social distancing procedures in the workplace
  • Encourage and support staff to work from home
  • Support a staff member if he/she gets infected – honouring contracts and applying sick leave
  • Actively monitor reliable sources of information such as WA Department of Health

We will be reviewing these measures on an ongoing basis to determine whether they remain an appropriate response.

Finally, we are committed to making sure the sector is kept up to date with the latest and best information about the virus and pandemic. We are developing COVID-19 response pages for our industry groups. You can access information for:


Clubs and community groups

We encourage everyone to: Stay Healthy, Remain Positive, and Be Safe Outdoors.